Sam is a natural born and gifted Soul of the Light.

Her openness and empathy flows effortlessly towards those in need. 

She is a healer of the heart, who willingly holds the eternal flame for all those in darkness. Those who long to find their way back to the light. Back to the meaning of life.

Her connection to spirit and multi dimensional realities invoke a healing that goes beyond words. It is an experience that heals on all levels of Mind, Body, and Soul.

The healing journey she provides through her services enable those who are willing to go deeply within to rediscover a part of themselves often long forgotten.

This  allows the soul access to their natural state of being, back to their true soul essence.

Those in her care  move forward in a more loving and harmonious way, with the knowledge of self empowerment, love and care.

Life becomes lighter and brighter with a heartfelt sense of purpose and direction towards self and others.

We are all sovereign beings finding our way back, awakening from the deep slumber of what once was. 

To live life with a new found sense of peace and freedom upon the New Earth.

I live in Northfield and cover the south birmingham area, Redditch, Bromsgrove and the surrounding areas.

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