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Crystal Healing


Crystals absorb the life giving elements of the Earth and the universe, the Sun, the Moon, and the oceans.

Crystal healing harnesses the power of crystals for healing, inspiration, energy clearing and protection. Each crystal is unique and multifaceted with a kaleidoscope of gifts to offer.

Crystals have a subtle frequency that will balance your energy. They absorb, transform and emit energy, bringing harmony to your situation. Crystals generate healing vibrations that affect the aura (the body’s energy field).

When receiving a crystal healing treatment, your energy frequency will be aligned to the crystals frequency. When you raise your vibration, you’ll find clarity in your situation and feel confident in moving forward.

You’ll be guided into a relaxed state where spiritual energy will be channelled through the crystals. Each chakra will be balanced and activated. Your energy will begin to flow harmoniously. You’ll emerge feeling calm and relaxed.