This year’s 11:11 Gateway will be a powerful light wave of Initiations from the stellar and cosmic councils of light.

Golden solar light codes will rapidly raise the Frequencies on Earth to accelerate the Great Awakening that is taking place.

At this time... a powerful transmission of golden solar light codes will be received on Earth in the form of light and Sound Waves. This Initiation will activate the newly energized NEW EARTH time spiral.

This will not be received as a single wave, but as a Series of Waves each carrying different Codes or instructions from the Divine heart to activate the NEW EARTH in the Consciousness of the Collective.

At this time, those who have agreed at the SOUL level to Awaken will BE activated by these waves and will suddenly awaken to join this rising Wave of NEW Consciousness.

Those of us who work with Light Codes and Language of Light will Be empowered and guided to translate these Codes for the benefit of those in our tribe and community.

We may feel guided to paint, draw, sing or dance these golden solar light codes into physical manifestation.

The opening of the 11:11 portal will activate the human Angelic template and embody the soul in Divine LOVE as proof of this process.

The Angelic Beings, the Elohim and Seraphim, will continue to empower transmissions of the Angelic frequencies of Light and Colour to support these Initiations and the Great Awakening process in general.

Space and time lines will begin slowing down the tempo of Life.

So, have a wonderful journey into these new light Codes and new ways of BEing as we stand on the threshold of this powerful 🌎NEW EARTH🌏 time Spiral.

We are Entering into a new aspect of the Multi-Dimensional Reality...

The NEW EARTH Is Here for ALL of Us to Enjoy!

With Sacred LOVE of ONE


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