2021 is a Bridge Year

January will continue to be a turbulent month that will offer many Surprises. 2021 is a Bridge year, the year we transition from the old Gregorian enslavement energy to the freedom of the Golden Age of Aquarius 🌟♒🌟 As we put our foot on the Bridge to move forward, we are still surrounded by the effects and echoes of the old, the energy of what once was. So January will offer us an opportunity to complete the old, let go of that which no longer serves us, to make space for the new. By mid-year we will be half way across the bridge, and by the lions gate in August we will be approaching the other side. We will begin to discern the shapes of our NEW Lives, our NEW reality. So, for NOW we need to be patient and allow the old to fall apart and disintegrate. This is not easy. It demands that we draw on all that we have learnt and mastered in recent years regarding our shadow projection and learn to stay in the sacred heart of the unified field. When we understand that there is no "us" and "them" and that what triggers us is simply an aspect of our own (collective) and shadowy energy. It is only then we can move into the heart and begin to see with LOVE and COMPASSION with a feeling of "ONENESS" at the Heart of All Things.🌟🤍🌟 This will become easier in the course of the year as the Aquarian energy becomes more tangible and we begin to see what our path can and will be . Remember, that at this time there are several timelines/dimensions running at the same time in the same space. We are choosing where to go and what to manifest. We need to have a very clear idea of what resonates with our HEART and SOUL, and follow that with courage and strength. Stay Calm, dearly beloveds, stay in your heart space, and keep Focused on what you are creating. LOVE or FEAR the choice is yours alone. The "Bigger Picture" promises a GOLDEN AGE of PEACE. Once the old is dismantled the NEW shall surely rise. A new Earth is dawning 🌟🌊🌎🌊🌟

Wishing LOVE and PEACE to ALL


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