The New Light Codes are here, flooding planet Earth from the Great Central Sun. Activating the very core of your being for the upliftment of humanity.

All Old Codes are being transmuted with light, and therefore losing their power.

The NEW vibrational frequency of Earth requires the activation of light codes to assist every human with their ascension towards the NEW AGE, the age of Aquarius.

Many Lightworkers and individuals across the globe are channeling and downloading these new codes and symbols with great intensity.

The new light codes carry and contain high vibrational energy and frequency, ultimately resulting in massive internal shifts. All beings are shedding the old and encouraged to embrace the NEW!

Old programming, blocks, patterns are BE-ing erased and the New Ones are BE-ing implanted. Your 🌟LIGHT 🌟your 🌟POWER 🌟is returning.

Prepare for the Tsunami of shifts. You are expanding from the inside out. Physical symptoms are key indicators that you are in the process of awakening. It is time for you to acknowledge YOUR Grand Awakening, YOUR shift in consciousness.

Symptoms of headache, ringing in the ears, unusual body aches, weakness, breathlessness are all symptoms of the body receiving the DNA, light, template downloads. Experiencing extreme emotions and anger are all part of the natural process of releasing and letting go of the 3D matrix.

Allow yourself to shed all that is no longer serving you. Releasing the Old and Embracing the New.

The Universal Forces are preparing everyone to vibrate at the NEW frequency of light. Humanity is destined for the alignment. The cosmic changes and shifts are here to serve the greater good of ALL .

Spending more time in nature, grounding, meditation, crystals and salt water baths are highly recommended to ease ascension symptoms.

We are in this together. In unity we shall rise. Stronger, lighter and brighter. Awaken, for the NEW Earth is dawning.


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