✨Do not underestimate the shift✨

It has been foretold through astrology, numerology and sacred symbolism of the ancients for millenia. The stars themselves look upon everything that is happening here on this beautiful planet and they know you. This shift you are in is going to start rewriting human history and the future of humanity. ✨You’re starting your journey home✨ Dear old souls, please hear me. You have been through this before, and not just on planet Earth. You are children of the Universe and this galaxy knows you well. For literally millions of years, you have been a biological entity somewhere in this galaxy and that memory sits in a special place within your Akash. It's a special place that starts to awaken within you and you start to feel something. Some of you are starting to anticipate and feel this shift, as though you remember it from before, a real sense of knowing is growing. It feels familiar that there’s something happening on the planet, something you can’t quite put your finger on. It doesn’t seem to be in the news or anywhere else, you are left questioning what is this that i am sensing, feeling, I don't understand? It’s deep inside of you, it’s intuitive, its that deeper sense of knowing that tells you the answers cannot be found externally. There will be a slow awareness, a shift, a change in society itself, regarding what it wants and what it doesn’t want. This is not necessarily all metaphysical, for this is mainstream. However, the old soul is the one who is on the front line. You are starting to receive information that feels good, a calling to be of service. That is an intuitive awareness and it represents human evolution. That’s the first place it comes from. The second place is your universal Akash. You are starting to remember this "shift" event from your distant past on other planets. In various ways, this same shift has happened on every single planet that went into an ascension status. This was a spiritual scenario, and it’s here again on planet Earth. ✨You’re coming home✨ Home is that of higher awareness, wisdom, home is peace on Earth. Home is compassionate action, kindness, living from the heart centre. Home is a life based in love, respect, with multiple spiritual systems. That’s home. You’ve seen it before and here it comes again, slowly. See the change, be the change. I cannot express this more. There’s a light starting to shine for you and you’re moving toward it, and the light is called worthiness. You are worthy of absolutely everything right now. Everything. Don’t let anybody tell you you’re not. The truth is that you are a magnificent being of light and worthy beyond belief! Dear old soul, it's your worthiness that is going to get you beyond this low vibrating 3D world. You never got ahead in the past, not as a Lightworker. Every time you started to open the door for what you believed to be true, you were attacked, ridiculed, and often killed. That has created a lack of self-worth that became a fear cycle that hinders you to this day. A cycle that prevents you from your true source of light and integrity. Acknowledge who you truly are, you are safe to do so now. You are free to unite with your fellow brothers and sisters to create the shift of conciousness, bringing forth the NEW Earth ✨🌎✨ This is your time, our time. Leaders of the light, step up, for it really is the time !!

✨I see you, feel you, and honour you✨

⭐💛Sending much love and light to all💛⭐

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