High Frequency Souls

For many high-frequency souls, the incarnation process on earth has been difficult. They had to gradually lower their frequency to even connect to a physical body. Many of these attempts failed at first, or short lives were chosen to slowly get used to existing in physical matter. The problem was not only ' getting used to ' functioning in a human body, the problem was also the hostile environment towards ' light '. 🌟🌈🌟 The soul had to take into account that its own light could not be too strikingly visible within the matrix. History has taught us that light-bringers were not long-lived among the prevailing shadows on this planet. The brighter the light of the soul, the better it had to be 'hidden'. That's why many light-bringers incarnated in very dense places. 🌟🌈🌟 The original soul consciousness was quickly 'covered' with different layers of density. The original soul light still seeped through those layers, but the more layers came in, the more the light was muted. 🌟🌈🌟 It was all part of the plan. The strongest lights could land in the darkest places and managed to slowly contribute to raising the frequency on earth. Their life force was stronger than the souls that have been oppressed and drained for centuries. Their light was so strong deep down, they always carried the memory of 'home' with them. A reason to be earthbound. 🌟🌈🌟 Because their soul light was covered under many layers of density, it took years of therapy and process work before they could detect their original light again. 🌟🌈🌟 And now we are finally here in 2020. All the years of preparation, waiting patiently for this time...the right time. To come out of the shadows to unite together, with the power of truth and love. Effectively lighting up the world. 🌟🌈🌟 I understand that not everyone's light is visible. Some are still hidden under different layers of density. The observation is still clouded with others. Others are so deeply infiltrated they've forgotten about their own light, or are totally unaware that it even exists within them. Don't worry, for it is now time for Mother Earth and humanity to turn on the light for you. There are enough of us to hold the light for you, and we do so because we recognise that light within you, even if you don't. 🌟🌈🌟 Now more and more people shine their luminosity from the inside out, it will soon become visible where clouding and interference took place. Where density is touched by light, it will melt away like snow before the sun. Then the true colors of the soul will be revealed. Then you can finally make your light shine in full glory. 🌟🌈🌟 Stand in your light, your power, You are safe to be the magnificent being of light you were always destined to be. 🌟🌈🌟 IT IS TIME warriors of the light to take your stance and hold the light for humanity.

Be bold, Be brave, Be You,



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