New Earth

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

✨Beloved Family Of Light✨

Now that Summer Solstice is almost upon us, the middle of the year,

it is a time to reflect on what has risen collectively, for humanity✨🌞✨

Now is the time to let go of all that no longer serves us. To release the old ways of being, to welcome the lessons of all that we have learned of late into our heart and soul, to progress into a lighter, higher vibrating state of being.


The changes in our world have been challenging,

but please know that they have served humanity greatly in the great awakening.


As the old paradigm falls away, a new paradigm is being structured. Firm foundations of truth are being laid.

A new earth that truly serves us all, in love, peace, and unity.


It was not to long ago that we witnessed the wildfires,

May the fires within you rise to create a new earth. May you rise from the ashes, honouring the necessary rebirth of humanity and our beloved Gaia.


To those who navigated quarantine, spent time alone, and looked within,

May you receive the gems of wisdom you found in your depths.

✨ 💎 ✨

To those who have cried for justice,

May your sacred tears water the seeds of your intentions to create a new earth that serves all who reside upon our beautiful planet.


To those whose hearts cracked open by the changes, the fear, the horror of recent global events,

May your grief and love be an offering of kindness and compassion to the world.


To those who are holding a vision of love, light and community,

May your vision, your energy, your light, ripple out to touch the hearts of many as we rise together in Unity.


I am honored that your soul is here with mine at this time, ushering in this great shift.

It is a blessing to be connected, soul to soul and heart to heart.


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