Darkness comes to light


The battle is unravelling,

as darkness comes to light,

yes it may feel frightening,

step back, observe, don't fight.

Hold onto the frequency,

of love and all that is,

we’ve already won this,

as time does not exist.

Deep within the souls,

of everyone thats here,

knows there is a purpose,

way beyond the fear.

A raise in our vibration,

a conscious shift for all,

don’t let the show consume you,

as the curtains about to fall.

Watch it like a movie,

knowing the actor plays its part,

you are joint director,

remember who you are.

Choose the happy ending,

the one of love and light,

the timeline is hovering,

the end is now in sight.

Secrets of the universe,

are always found within,

the battle is inside you,

the choice to lose or win.

Connect and trust the process,

as all will be revealed,

the gateway is wide open,

and ALL will be revealed.

Fly among the branches,

yet know you are the tree,

everything’s connected,

I am you and you are me.

We’ve already done this,

wake up and break the dream,

it’s playing on repeat,

nothing is as it seems.

Every different outcome,

from love down to fear,

is simultaneously happening,

not over there, but here.

Breathe, take it in, knowing

the dark will come to light,

with love and arms of freedom,

together we’ll unite


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