We are NOW in these very Sacred Times indeed

NOW is the Time to fully connect and surrender to the intelligent mind of our Creative SOURCE at all times...

where every Cell of our Body vibrates at the Frequency of DIVINE LOVE Creating Pristine Well-BEing Always.

We are currently experiencing a Spiritual Metamorphosis.

A DIVINE Transformation within the depths of our SOUL.

We are all NOW leveling up into a HIGHER State of Consciousness.

A NEW DAWN is Upon us.

The Energy we are experiencing at this time is ONLY the BEginning.

We will see the full effects of the NEW PATH we are embarking on next year May-July 2021.

August 2021 will feel like the Icing on the cake of our NEW Journey.

We will settle into this NEW ENERGY around September 2021.

This is a Powerful Time of Transformations for the Collective and our Planet.

We Chose to come Here at this time for a reason.

The Cosmic and Temporal Alignment is Upgrading our DNA as we speak, enabling a HIGHER Dimensional Expression of our GENETIC CODE, resulting in an increased Awareness and ability to process information.

The Activation of LIGHT CODES will Enlighten our Consciousness in such a way that our Field of perception will BE Wider, enabling more Frequencies of information to BE directly perceived.

Our Physical Bodies are going through an UPGRADE, Metamorphosing from Carbon-based into Crystalline to Pure LIGHT bodies in this NOW Moment…

Can you Feel your ears ringing?

And We may feel exhausted for NO apparent reason as a result of this...

Tonight, December 21st, 2020, marks the Dawn of the NEW GOLDEN AGE. . . Jupiter and Saturn will conjunct at ZERO Degrees Aquarius.

Earth will BE Bombarded with HIGHLY Charged Cosmic Rays emanating from the Galactic Core where there is immense TWIN Pull and Push Energies located in the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. . .

Is distributing vast explosions of HIGH-Frequency Cosmic Rays unto Earth.

During this time Earth will receive a Cosmic Tidal Wave of LIGHT-Vibration… emanating a Frequency within the range of 40-100 Hz the same Frequency Range as the Lower and Upper Limits of Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness.

Get Ready for NEW EARTH!

NO more Pain! NO more Struggles!

It is a Place where Every Person around you LOVES you… and calls you FAMILY.

This is the Victory of the LIGHT!

With Sacred LOVE of ONE


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