You Never Lose Anything

Beloved Ones ✨💜✨

You Never Lose Anything!

All The Love You Have Ever Felt, Is The LOVE That You Are In Essence.

Many Believe When Another Leaves Them For Any Reason, They Must Not Be Lovable.

If One Feels Brokenhearted, These Feelings Will Mend And Anyone Can Love Again.

The Core Of What I Speak Is That All Of The Goodness And Light And Words And Gestures That You Gave To Another, Are Amplified Within You For The Experience Of Knowing LOVE, Not The One You Gave To, That You Believed Depleted You Of This Sacred Force.

No, Indeed! You Are The One That Received The Gift Of Love To A Deeper And Greater Degree, Because LOVE Lived Through You. This Love Never Dies, It Never Leaves You! And When You Depart The Physical Body, You Leave As LOVE. Each Being Has This Gift And Ability To Know Their Wholeness Is Not Dependent On Another. Not Ever!

So, In Parting Ways, Let The Tears Flow, Find The Lessons To Learn, And Realize As You Look Deeply Within, Nothing Is Missing! The Love You Gave Is The Love You Have Now.

It Is The Love That You Truly Are.

Love Is Your State Of Being! Love Is The Power Of The Spirit! Love Is The Answer For All Peace! Love Will Heal Planet Earth And Connect The Multiverses Into The Heart Of All That Is.

Indeed, You Are Love And So Loved


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