Universal life force energy



Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is the Japanese word for ‘Universal Life Force Energy’ and although it was only brought to the west in the mid 1900’s it is based in ancient healing traditions. Reiki is a gentle, alternative healing system which not only can bring relief from physical conditions but also promotes mental and emotional wellbeing.


What to expect during a healing session

As a client, you will remain fully clothed, apart from footwear, and can either lie on a couch or sit on a chair, whichever is more comfortable. The practitioner places their hands on or above specific points of your body, including the seven main ‘chakras’ or ‘energy centres’, each of which relates to a colour of the rainbow. The practitioner acts as a channel for the healing energy which is directed to where it is most needed. Sensations such as warmth, coolness or tingling may be experienced but even if this is not the case you will certainly become relaxed! Most beneficial in today’s hectic lifestyle! Reiki does not conflict with any medical treatment the client may be receiving.